Her and Everything

performance; 2017

Her experiences only seem to accumulate. Never seeming to leave one moment before the next one begins, she experiences everything she’s ever lived simultaneously, which can sometimes be understandably difficult to deal with.

He is as clean and simple as a clever idea that never goes through the arduous process of materialisation. He talks to her. They argue, they get along. They’re not dichotomous.

Her & Everything is an approximately 50-minute performance built on improvised and repeating elements, intentionally building itself anew with every performance. The props repeat. The stories change. The movement repeats and changes, unintentionally.

Performed on The Hub, GMK, Zagreb, Croatia, New Practices, Scheier, Čakovec, Croatia, 17th Days of Performance, Varaždin, Croatia, qEXHIBITION, queerANarchive, Split, Croatia and OPEN STUDIO w/ Vanda Kreutz, GMK, Zagreb, Croatia.

AUTHOR Tara Ivanišević
PERFORMERS Her, Him, Tara Ivanišević
MENTOR Nicole Hewitt
BASED ON the short story Her & the World by Tara Ivanišević
PRODUCTION Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia; 2017
THANKS Sonja Pregrad, Ana Hušman, Silvia Marchig, Iva Nerina Sibila, Marko Gutić Mižimakov, Pola Pautan, Ana Fazekaš, Dražen Hižak, Vilte Svarplyte, Svetlana Gutić, Department of Animated Film and New Media and others

Video documentation exporting.