John Smith Showreel

film; 2015

John Smith arrived to Croatia in 2015 with the intention of finding some acting work. Instead, the work found him. Gender expression, personal and cultural identity as well as measured skills meet in a showreel created during his stay.

John Smith Showreel is a short experimental film with elements of self-referencing, writing, wit and improvisation.

It screened on the 20th Motovun Film Festival, Motovun, Croatia, Student International Film Festival STIFF, Rijeka, Croatia and the 47th Review of Croatian Filmmaking, Karlovac, Croatia.

AUTHOR Tara Ivanišević
ACTOR John Smith
VOICE Marko Gutić Mižimakov
BOOK Undoing Gender by Judith Butler
SONG Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off performed by Billie Holiday
PRODUCTION Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia; 2015
THANKS Marko Gutić Mižimakov, Pola Pautan, Sonja Pregrad, Ivan Slipčević, Andreja Kulunčić, Department of Animated Film and New Media

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